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Evaluation can help to ensure ongoing organizational development. By engaging participation of key staff and stakeholders in the design and implementation of the evaluation, we foster a learning environment at all levels of your organization.

We work to ensure that evaluation activities become part of the day-to-day management of a program so that continual improvement becomes part and parcel of the organization.
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Program Evaluation
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Program Evaluation

For many public sector or non-profit organizations evaluation is seen as yet another demand that that takes time and resources away from the important work of serving clients. At RDA, we believe that evaluation can be a powerful tool that will help you better serve your clients. We work in partnership with you to help you define your goals and objectives and clear measurements for outcomes. We then create streamlined data collection systems that are user friendly, affordable and readily understood.

RDA will work with you to undertake an evaluation that can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Make the case to your funder(s) and satisfy the need for accountability of your program
  • Provide you and your management staff with tools that will help you manage your day-to-day program activities
  • Help you access and build your organizational capacity
  • Ensure ongoing program improvements and positive client outcomes.

RDA believes that public agencies and non-profit organizations care deeply about the work that they do. We want to help you use the evaluation process in your quest to do the best job possible. We will help you learn to use evaluation data to regularly make changes in your organization and service delivery.


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