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Mapping of community indicators, both assets and problems, placed in the hands of community residents, and organizations can lead to creative community problem solving.

Imagine that every time youth violence breaks out at a particular corner liquor store, residents intervene immediately. The police act as mediators, ensuring peaceful discussions between the business owner and the residents. The storeowner is convinced to sell produce instead of liquor. This collaborative community response eventually reduces crime at that corner, makes healthy food products available to the community, and helps sustain a locally-owned store.

This imagined scenario is not so far from reality. It begins with community access to information that’s concrete, manageable, and current.

Planning and Grant Writing
Program Evaluation
Data Analysis and Integration
Organizational Development


Data Analysis and Integration

RDA has developed extensive capabilities in data collection, data analysis and mapping. We use this information to inform all aspects of our work for you -from planning and grant writing to evaluation and organizational development. It is essential that you have the information necessary to make data driven decision regarding program design, implementation and organizational change.

  • We are experts in providing both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Our team can work with very large public archival data sources - such as police, mental health, and probation databases - to identify long term trends and cost analysis.

  • We know that the “hard numbers” from data analysis never tell the whole story. So, in order to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions we have also developed our skills in working with your clients - to conduct peer led interviews and focus groups. Our client satisfaction surveys can be translated into many languages and we work hard to insure that they are culturally competent in all aspects.

  • Community mobilization efforts must also depend on information – to inform decision making by all stakeholders. RDA uses GIS data mapping as a way of presenting large amounts of information to community stakeholders that is easily understood.

Resource Development Associates