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Organizational Development.
RDA uses a systemic change process to help you improve the effectiveness of your organization and increase your ability to adapt to changing conditions.

RDA provides Family Services Agency of San Francisco with an Interim Executive Director, RDA's Principal, Robert Bennett.
Planning and Grant Writing
Program Evaluation
Data Analysis and Integration
Organizational Development


Organizational Development

Not unlike people, organizations need support in order to be at their best. RDA helps organizations understand their strengths and weaknesses and works in partnership with key stakeholders to institute organizational change and growth.

We will develop a timeline and work plan suited to meet the particular needs and stages of development of your organization.

  • RDA has developed a comprehensive organizational assessment tool that will help you prioritize the needs of your organization. We help you assess your organization's strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of all stakeholders—board members, clients, staff, funders, and partners.

  • Because we are mindful of constraints of your time and money, we will establish clear agreements on outcomes for your organization.

  • Once the organizational needs are identified we can employ a variety of tools to support your efforts to grow—from development and implementation of a management information system to executive and board member coaching.

  • Our goal is to leave you with the internal resources needed to make organizational improvement an ongoing part of your day-to-day operations.

Resource Development Associates