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Resource Development Associates
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Project Spotlights

RDA helps Clark County, Washington win federal funds for treatment of co-occurring methamphetamine disorders

RDA helps Santa Barbara county receive funding for providing an array of shelter, transitional residential services and supportive housing services for women and their minor children

RDA is pleased to be assisting San Francisco with its comprehensive planning effort for Prop 63 - the Mental Health Services Act.


Mission Statement: Resource Development Associates Strengthens public and nonprofit efforts to promote social and economic justic for vulnerable populations.




RDA conducts outcome program evaluation for 162 non-profit organizations for the City of San Francisco.

Patricia Marrone Bennett, Ph.D. conducts reaseach on the co-occurrance of youth violence and family violence at the community level. Research findings indicate that high levels of family violence predict very strongly to community level youth violence. (pdf).

Planning and Grant Writing . Program Evaluation . Data Analysis and Integration . Organizational Development

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Resource Development Associates