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Our unique mixture of services and expertise maximizes your organization’s chances for success throughout the life cycle of a complex project.

RDA sees grant writing and the planning that precedes it as a vehicle for fostering best practices in service delivery and system improvement.


How We Work

Solving the Whole Problem.

RDA believes in a holistic approach to addressing community problems, and we bring a broad range of tools to help move the process along from the initial data gathering, strategic planning, and grant writing process to implementation, evaluation, and continuous program improvement. When you hire RDA, we put all of our diverse resources at your disposal.

We facilitate a comprehensive process that permits you to gain insight into new ways to best serve targeted populations. Our ultimate goal is to bring all stakeholders to the table, forge a strategic partnership and together make the largest possible impact on the lives of end users.

Broad Solutions for Multi-Causal Problems
RDA tackles large-scale social problems with multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary, and community-wide solutions. Diverse organizations and interests have to work together to implement social change. We help make that happen by bringing stakeholders into a strategic partnership where all sides are heard and valued. Final common strategies are derived from stakeholder input and agreed upon end-users best interests. At the end of the day, we all want what is best for children, for youth, for families and for other clients and constituents in our communities.

Resource Development Associates