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Reclaiming Our Children and Families an RDA evaluated project was identified by OJJDP as a promising demonstration model program.

Oakland Homeless Families Program, for which RDA was the principal planner, was one of 5 programs that served as a model for the HUD Supportive Housing Program.
Children, Youth, and Families
Non-Profit Development


Children, Youth, and Families

Local governments and non-profit organizations are often the providers of essential services for some of our most vulnerable community members – children, youth and poor families. RDA works in partnership with local government and non-profit organizations to:

  • Secure resources
  • Build multi-jurisdictional, multidisciplinary collaborations
  • Define and understand population needs
  • Implement best practice and
  • Measure the results

RDA has experience in doing research and developing model projects in the following areas:

  • Youth Violence Prevention
  • Children's Mental Health Services
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Neighborhood Indicators
  • Youth Gangs



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