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At RDA we believe that the greatest challenge facing schools today is how to address the external and internal barriers that keep all students from succeeding in the face of limited budgets..
Children, Youth, and Families
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RDA believes that our public education system has the talent and the potential to insure that every child can succeed in school and develop into a productive member of the community. But schools cannot do this alone and without additional resources.

At RDA we bring all of our expertise to help schools and districts to:

  • Identify and compete successfully for public and private funds
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of needs and resources
  • Identify and utilize the latest research on best practices in education and support services
  • Develop multi-faceted strategic plans and partnerships designed to address barriers to learning
  • Measure progress and evaluate programs with an emphasis on continuous improvement

RDA has a 20-year record of making a difference, with experience in doing research and developing model projects in the following areas:

  • Resource Development
  • School Reform
  • After School Programs
  • Planning and Research

AfterSchool Web: A complete software solution for afterschool programs.
RDA has created software for Afterschool Programs.

Resource Development Associates