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As the providers of last resort of many essential services for the poor or otherwise marginalized populations, non-profits are essential components of our communities. RDA has extensive experience in helping non-profits organizationally grow and develop so that they can competently realize their important missions.
Children, Youth, and Families
Non-Profit Development


Non-Profit Development

Non-profits address some of the most difficult and persistent social and economic problems in our society and are often the service providers of last resort for many populations within our communities. They are often partners with local governmental agencies that have unique characteristics setting them apart from other public sector organizations.

At RDA we provide support and services to non-profit organizations through a variety of mechanisms:

  • Non-profit organizations are important stakeholders in most of our large scale planning and grant writing projects with local governmental organizations.
  • We provide organizational assessments geared to identify specific areas for development and improvement.
  • We provide training and coaching for Board of Directors, Executive Directors and management team members. All of our services (planning and grant writing, evaluation, software development etc.) are available to non-profits.


Resource Development Associates