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RDA analyzes results of structured interviews with 228 gang-affiliated youth in San Francisco conducted by non-profit organization staff.

Staff of 162 non-profit organizations are surveyed about cultural competency practices.

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Surveys and Focus Groups
RDA believes that the solutions to community problems must be developed with the people living in the community. Our interviews, focus groups and surveys are used to inform planning processes and needs assessments. When possible, these activities are also used to mobilize community members and have them become active members in coalitions and steering committees.

We use a variety of techniques and technology to help you learn as much as you can from clients, community members and specific populations:

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys can be customized for your service population. They can be translated into any language. Our survey scanning software helps to reduce the cost of this important activity. Surveys can also be administered on line.
  • Focus Groups are an excellent tool for getting community input as well as to inform community members about your services and programs. We are able to provide you with Peer-led focus groups and interviews for youth and other specific populations.

Please visit our Resource Library for sample Focus Group and Survey results.

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