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RDA maps hotspots of crimes against youth in Bay Area Cities. Maps are used to mobilize the community and community police to create Safe Passage for youth.

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Data Mapping
Resource Development Associates believes that the basis for all program strategies must be based on data – both quantitative and qualitative. It is essential that decision makers have the information they need – from archival data analysis as well as from client interviews to allocate resources, measure effectiveness and improve client outcomes. To this end, we often conduct a large amount of research in helping our clients formulate the best course of action.

Over the years, we have developed and implemented

  • Scannable client satisfaction surveys in half a dozen languages,
  • Mapped out immense amounts of archival data,
  • Conducted large numbers of focus groups and interviews with specific populations of clients
  • Created integrated multi-jurisdictional databases . The data thus generated points the way to systemic changes that positively impact end users.

We've also developed a number of courses and presentations to help client agencies develop their own staff capabilities and better serve their end clients.

Mapping of youth violence and domestic violence incidents in Oakland, California suggests correlation.Map

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes a picture is just easier to understand than a thousand words.

At RDA we use GIS mapping software to examine structural and environmental factors affecting the quality of life in neighborhoods. Our mapping capabilities can assist you in preparing grant applications, conducting evaluations or community needs assessments.

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