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Winning grant proposals come from high quality program design. RDA has an unmatched record helping our clients successfully compete for funds. Over the past 10 years we have raised over $400 million for local governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.

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We love to win. And we seldom loose. Grant writing is a vehicle not only for obtaining much needed resources, but also for engaging in planning and organizational development. If RDA takes you on as a client, it is because we believe in what you are doing and we want you to succeed. However, we are clear. You will only succeed in winning a grant if you can demonstrate that you:

  1. Fully grasp the needs of the client population
  2. Utilize current data and comprehensive needs assessments
  3. Propose program models that are recognized as best practice
  4. Propose comprehensive, multidisciplinary, integrated activities

RDA can help you design the winning grant proposal.

Please have a look at a list of major grant awards.

We work with you to concretely define the problem, formulate the proposed strategy, recruit other partners and develop processes for monitoring and evaluating the results. Then, utilizing over 20 years of experience in the art of grant writing, we draft a complete proposal for your organization.


Resource Development Associates